Criminal Justice Degree

So as y’all may know, I have my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and I am getting my masters in the same thing. When I was in high school, I thought that certain degree would allow me to join any career in that field with no hesitation. Because I did not have law enforcement experience, I thought that a degree in criminal justice would substitute that….WRONG! Having that degree means nothing nowadays. Yes it’s great to have if you want to be a police officer with extra pay, a probation officer, a corrections officer, or any position in basic law enforcement. But when you want to be on the other side of law enforcement like I do, you need a different degree such as chemistry, biology, public administration, accounting, or business. My goal is to be a crime scene technician. But in order to be with one with agencies like the GBI or the FBI and etc., I need a science degree or a masters degree with 2-3 years experience. It’s great in employers eyes when you have a forensic science degree. That will definitely get you in the door. I honestly wish someone told me in high school that a degree in criminal justice will not get me anywhere. If you join that field, you must do it because you are very passionate about it. Because there is no money in that field whatsoever. It’s enough to pay the bills and that is all. Even some of my coworkers that have been in the department for 10+ years have a second job in order to make ends meet.

Moral of the story is, DO NOT get your degree in criminal justice unless you are 💯 that you are not in it for the money and plan on staying in one agency for years.


2 thoughts on “Criminal Justice Degree

  1. Great point. I was looking at what my Masters would be since I am almost done with my Bachelors in CRJS. But, you are right, there is no money there, you truly need to have a specialty in the area to be competitive. I am doing it because I do love the field, my children are grown and in the USAF. So, this is just for me. But, my Masters? I am still working on what that will be. Good luck to you and it is great that you are figuring out a path for yourself so early. You got this 😉

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