I Quit My Job…

Yesterday, it went from 0 to 100 real quick. I was already on the edge to quit. I just wanted to do it the right way. Meaning I wanted to have another job set up before I quit. But nope. That didn’t happen. Okay so Ima just to give you all a run down of how my jobs is before I say what happened so you won’t be like “uhhh what is she talking about??!”.

Okay, so my office had 11 people in it. The JPM a.k.a boss, the jpps 3 a.k.a. Backup boss that doesn’t know what she doing, jpps 2 Tony a.k.a the daddy of the office cause he’s a cool old dude, jpps 2 Michelle a.k.a cool auntie of the office, jpps 2 ms Mumford a.k.a the wise one, jpps 2 Cox a.k.a the weird one, jpps 2 Anna a.k.a the prankster and Angelique the PA/secretary. Okay so those are the regular jpps people which are the regular case managers/probation officers that are not POST certified. They only have to go to training for 5 weeks. So the HITS team, which are the POST certified officers that carry a gun and supervise the high risk youth/designated felons, include myself a.k.a jpo 1/baby with a baby, jpo 2 Terrance a.k.a my supervisor/crazy uncle, and jpo 1 Steve a.k.a office gossiper/drama starter.

Okay so few weeks ago or last month, something like that, we got kicked out of our building and the department did not have another office for us to go to. So they put us with adult probation in this tiny little office with no air conditioner. (Yes that’s how the state works). So a week before we moved into that lil hole in a wall, our jpm quit. A month before that Anna the prankster of the office quit as well so we were down to 9 people. The jpm left us in a mess. So they decided to split us into 2 teams so that we could have communication and handle this accordingly.

You get the gist now. But basically there has been tension between myself, Terrance and Steve. Mostly because Steve doesn’t want to do his job but blames all of his mistakes on Terrance and I like we’re not doing our jobs. He likes to go to other people in the office and complain about us but won’t say how he feel to our faces like a man. I mean this dude is 50 something years old and gossips like a little bitch.

So yesterday, I was sitting in the office across the hall behind the door (nobody could see me), and I was in there catching up with ms Mumford. Mind you, I got to work at about 8:10 or 8:15am and Steve and Terrance wasn’t scheduled to come in until 12pm. So while I was talking, Steve came into the office at like 11:55am and went to the main office with backup boss. Basically long story short, Steve was talking shit about me saying a whole bunch of lies to the backup boss and didn’t know that I was there and could hear him. So basically I called him out on it and we had this big argument and he was still denying the fact that he doesn’t do his job and but all the blame on me just because I didn’t like my job. So I basically turned in my 2 weeks notice because I was just fed up with everything. The management in that district sucks. The kids aren’t even the problem. It’s the coworkers and management. So I quit. And now I’m just like what do I do now???


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