10 Things I Can’t Live Without


  1. My precious beautiful daughter Nya of course❤️😍👶🏾
  2. My boyfriend❤️😘👱🏾
  3. Money!!💵 🙌🏾 I mean come on, who can live without that
  4. Food 🥘  I love to eat. Probably why I’m almost 200 pounds now. Smh
  5. My iPhone 7 Plus
  6. My PC laptop and my MacBook Pro 💻
  7. My mama. Love you mama ❤️
  8. My glasses cause I can’t see at all without them
  9. My best friends. They keep me sane. Love y’all❤️
  10. Last but not least, romantic/comedy movies and r&b music. (hopeless romantic🌹)



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