How I Graduated College Early📚👩🏾‍🎓

My mindset when I started college was “OMG! I’m on my own. I don’t know anyone here. How am I going to make it?”. I was freaking out. I was not making wise choices socially. But! Academically, I was a BOSS! 

The key to graduating early and successfully is simple. SUMMER CLASSES🙌🏾. Take as many summer classes that you can handle and you must start the summer after your freshman year. Yes, I know what that means. You won’t have a summer vacation or a break from all the madness. But the end result is that you get to graduate college a semester early and enter the real world ahead of your peers. Or if you choose not to enter the career field right away, you can take that final year and travel the world. I didn’t travel because that’s just not me. I don’t like planes so unless I can drive there or take a train, I’m not going lol.

You have to be willing, strong-minded, and very punctual in order to do it. Also very organized. I’m not organized that much but I was able to do it so that should tell you something.

Basically at my school (Valdosta State University. Go BLAZERS! 🔥), the maximum course that we could have a semester was 5 courses. When I say semester, I mean January-May is the first semester of the year and the second semester is August-December. The maximum courses that you can take during the summer (May-July) is 3. But I highly recommend that you do not take 3. Because the summer semester is chaotic. What I mean by that is some classes during the summer are long and somewhat easy and the others are short and hard. They have Maymester classes and classes that are only offered in June or July or classes that extend through June and July.

Think of Maymester classes as a 4 month lesson plan crammed into 4 weeks. Basically, you have a different lesson every day, a test each week, and probably a paper each week as well. It is pure HELL!!! But think of the bright side….it’s only 4 weeks. You have to plan out how many classes you should take each semester based off of how many hours you need to graduate. For example, I needed 120 hours to graduate with my bachelors in criminal justice. There are courses that are worth 3, 2, and 1 credit hour. Most of the courses you take are 3 credit hours. If you take 5 classes a semester, that’s 15 credit hours total. To sum it up so that you get the gist, if you follow my method your freshman year, when you start off as a sophomore, you will have a total of 36 credit hours. That’s including 2 summer classes. Already ahead of the game.

Best of luck to you all in college.

Much love,

Sequoia ❤️


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