Nighttime Routine with Nya 👶🏾😘

I try to keep my nighttime routine with Nya pretty simple and consistent. Ever since she was about 2 or 3 months old, her bedtime has been 9pm. No specific reason why I chose that time. My bedtime was at 9pm when I was younger so I just decided that Nya would have the same one.

Our nightly routine starts at 6pm. I give her some formula (Gerber gentle) in her cup and either a small portion of what I have to eat or oatmeal, Mac & cheese or basically anything else that she likes to eat.

At 7pm, Nya takes a bath and splashes around with her toys for a little while and every few days I’ll wash and condition her hair. I swear it is the struggle to wash her hair. This little girl will not stay still for nothing!!

At 8pm, I try to tire her out a little bit. She watches a little bit of tv while I cook my dinner or she’ll play with her toys and run around and destroy the living room.

At 9pm, Nya automatically starts to get sleepy but when she gets sleepy, she gets SUPER CRANKY!!! Like OMG!! She wines and screams and just have a fit because she fights her sleep to the max. So I have to literally walk her around and bounce her and try to rock her to sleep. If that doesn’t work, I just let her whine it out in her crib for a few minutes.

After Nya goes to sleep, finally, I eat and take a shower and try to relax before I go to sleep. I swear I don’t stay up late anymore. I’m usually out like a light about 10pm or 11pm. Sad, I know. That’s motherhood for you.

Well everyone, that’s our nighttime routine. Let me know what it’s like for you if you have children or even if you don’t have children yet. I miss those days when I stayed up until 3am and did not wake up until around 2pm in the afternoon. Those were the days🙌🏾. But anywaysss….

Much love,

Sequoia ❤️


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