How Do I Get Pregnancy Medicaid??!!

Hey y’all! So today I wanted to give y’all a bit of information about Pregnancy medicaid and WIC. I personally have this now and I also had it when I was pregnant in 2016. It is a great thing to have when you don’t have insurance and also if you do have insurance but have co-pays and just extra bills that you have to pay out of pocket.

Pregnancy Medicaid

Women who have low income and are pregnant can receive pregnancy medicaid. You can also get medicaid if you have a low income, a disability, are a child/teenager, or are 65 or older.

2018 Income Limit (Georgia)

  • Family Size of 1 –  $2,226 per month ($26,712 per year)
  • Family Size of 2 – $3,018 per month ($36,216 per year)
  • Family Size of 3 – $3,810 per month ($45,720 per year)

(These are the income requirements for Georgia. They are more than likely different in your state so definitely look them up to make sure that you qualify before you apply.)

Since my child’s father and I are not married, he is not included in my family size. I’m not sure if he has to be added but I just did not add him because we’re not married and he does not have stable income. So my family size is 3 including my unborn baby.

How Do I Apply??

Search for the department of community health in your state. Verify that you fit under the income limit for your family size and you can either apply through their website or through the department of family and child services website. You can apply online or in person but I recommend that you apply in person because you can get your medicaid approved right then and there.

I highly recommend that you are completely 100% honest on your application and that you do not leave anything out. Yes, you can get approved for medicaid if you already have insurance. Basically what happens is your insurance will become your primary insurance and medicaid will be your secondary insurance. So whatever your primary does not pay for, medicaid will cover it. If you have a co-pay for your primary, medicaid will cover it so you will not have to pay for it. You can go to the dentist with medicaid and pay for your prescription medication with it also. I actually got all of my wisdom teeth removed and medicaid paid for it after I delivered my daughter.

How Long Does It Last?

Medicaid is extended for about 60 days after you give birth. Your baby will also be covered with medicaid for the first year of their life and possibly their entire childhood.


Hope that gave y’all an idea about how medicaid works. This post is not sponsored at all. I just wanted y’all to be able to get the best insurance coverage possible and have a healthy, smooth pregnancy. Thanks for reading!




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