My 1st House!!

Yes! It's true! I am now living in my own house!! I'm so excited to start this new journey and experience. I have been trying to live in a house for the longest. I went through the pros/cons of renting vs buying. I compared everything when it came towards living in a house. I have … Continue reading My 1st House!!


10 Things I Can’t Live Without

  My precious beautiful daughter Nya of course❤️😍👶🏾 My boyfriend❤️😘👱🏾 Money!!💵 🙌🏾 I mean come on, who can live without that Food 🥘  I love to eat. Probably why I'm almost 200 pounds now. Smh My iPhone 7 Plus My PC laptop and my MacBook Pro 💻 My mama. Love you mama ❤️ My glasses cause I can't … Continue reading 10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Double Rainbow 

Few hours ago, I saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. A double rainbow. It was soo big and right in front of my apartment. The minute I saw it, I knew it was a sign. Earlier today I asked the LORD if I did the right thing by quitting my job and … Continue reading Double Rainbow 

I Quit My Job…

Yesterday, it went from 0 to 100 real quick. I was already on the edge to quit. I just wanted to do it the right way. Meaning I wanted to have another job set up before I quit. But nope. That didn't happen. Okay so Ima just to give you all a run down of … Continue reading I Quit My Job…

Typical week day for me

I wake up at 5:45am. Ok, well my alarm goes off at that time. I try to get out of bed around that time. I put on my uniform, eat breakfast if I have time, fix Nya's diaper bag, change Nya's diaper, and drive to her grandmother's house to drop her off and try to … Continue reading Typical week day for me

Not so typical Friday 

So as you all may know, I'm a Juvenile Probation Officer. I am certified "law enforcement" so to speak. But every day is different like they always say. Today actually is pretty boring. My supervisor T is missing in action. He was supposed to be here at 8am but apparently did not get here until … Continue reading Not so typical Friday 

Get To Know Me

So I decided to do the Get To Know Me questions tag so that y'all can get an idea of who I am and what I like before I start posting. So here we go.... 1. What is your middle name? Kadijah. My mama did not name me actually. Supposedly my older cousin named me. Sad … Continue reading Get To Know Me